Know what you own.

A home inventory from TakeStock captures it all, in 360-degrees.

What is a home inventory?

Currently, homeowners often rely on a handwritten list to create and maintain their home inventory, which serves important purposes such as establishing ownership and providing evidence in case of unfortunate events like disasters, theft, divorce, or estate matters. Additionally, it aids in determining insurance coverage and accurately valuing individual items, collections, and estates. However, the process of creating a home inventory is challenging and time-consuming, resulting in many unfinished inventories. Despite its importance, this task is often neglected due to its difficulty.

What is a TakeStock home inventory?

TakeStock revolutionizes home inventory management by combining virtual reality technology, cloud-based software, and advanced AI algorithms. Our 360º virtual experience captures visual proof of all contents, while our Automated Valuation tool utilizes AI to provide accurate value estimates. Seamlessly navigate through your home, select, manage, and assess items, and add important details. With TakeStock, your possessions and their memories are preserved, ensuring nothing is forgotten. Experience the future of home inventory management and embrace convenience, security, and peace of mind.

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