Possessions acquired over years hold tremendous value, both financial and sentimental.
Protect the things you love by knowing what you have.

For Homeowners

Know (and prove) what you own.

For Divorce/Family Law

Gain the unfair advantage.

For Financial/Estate Planning

Preserve your legacy.


Complete asset documentation 


Equitable property allocation


Pre-nuptial agreements

Estate planning/heir assignment


Right-size insurance coverage


Theft recovery

Proof of loss for insurance


Home relocation protection


Organizational tool

“Our family went through hurricane Katrina and sustained major losses. TakeStock was the perfect solution for providing a catalog of all of our belongings.”

L. Kitzinger, New Orleans, LA

“I highly recommend a detailed home inventory to anyone who has jewelry, antiques, silver, etc. Having this vital information documented by TakeStock was instrumental in recovering our $70,000 burglary loss.”

R. Andres, Dallas, TX

“Just want to rave about TakeStock… I had a home inventory list done. It’s a great feeling knowing my possessions are fully documented. TakeStock passed the information on to my insurance company, too. In light of our recent home burglary, it’s comforting to know this information is secure.”

T. Wensinger, Dallas, TX