Household & Home Inventory

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For Your Home

Do you truly know what you own?
After a disaster, the average homeowner can only recall 50-60% of their home’s contents. Insurance companies know this. Don’t rely on memory alone when making a claim, especially under stress. A home inventory lets you instantly prove your losses, with less hassle, quicker claims, and maximum reimbursement.


For Family Law

Protect your assets, and save time and money in the process.
The fair division of property is a fundamental aspect of divorce. TakeStock streamlines and simplifies the oftentimes stressful and emotional task of claiming, dividing and assigning assets toward a peaceful resolution.

For Financial & Estate Planning

Preserve your legacy today for future generations tomorrow.
With every home inventory from TakeStock, our technology makes it simple to create a current and lasting record of one’s “life of things.” Protect your belongings, family treasures—and heritage—while helping alleviate potential burdens down the road .

Benefits of a Home Inventory

Complete Asset Documentation 


“Right-Size” Insurance Coverage


Equitable Property Allocation

Estate Planning/Heir Assignment


Home Relocation Protection


Theft Recovery

Proof of Loss for Insurance


Organizational Tool



  • " Would you be able to remember all the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years if they were destroyed by a fire or a natural disaster? Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster, verify losses for your income tax return and help you purchase the correct amount of insurance. "
    The Insurance Information Institute
  • "Our family went through hurricane Katrina and sustained major losses. TakeStock was the perfect solution for providing a catalog of all of our belongings."
    L. KitzingerNew Orleans, LA
  • "I highly recommend a detailed home inventory to anyone who has jewelry, antiques, silver, etc.  Having this vital information provided by TakeStock was instrumental in recovering our $70,000 burglary loss."
    R. AndresDallas, TX
  • Just want to rave about TakeStock…I had a home inventory by TakeStock and it is a great feeling knowing my possessions were documented and stored.  TakeStock passed the inventory information on to my insurance company allowing for even greater  'Peace of Mind.'  It is comforting for my family to know I had this information safe and secure especially in light of a recent home burglary we experienced.  Thank you, TakeStock!
    Terri Sue WensingerDallas, TX

Your home is a mix of family treasures, precious objects, and the items and products of daily living, representing significant dollar value, but emotional and sentimental value, as well.