How Technology is Reshaping the Home Inventory Business

How Technology is Reshaping the Home Inventory Business

The home inventory business has come a long way from homeowners filling out makeshift checklists, to insurance agents armed with clipboards trudging through your home after a fire or flood. In those days, if you even had the forethought to inventory what you owned, you had to hope you did it well enough to get fully reimbursed after a disaster. Otherwise, you had to pin all your hopes on your memory alone, as well as in the abilities and commitment of your insurance company’s claims adjuster, who might not always have the experience, nor a homeowner’s best interests at heart.

With the advent of cameras and video cameras, the ability of people to make a record of their personal possessions expanded. Still, most homeowners simply do not complete a home inventory, even though photographic evidence provides incontrovertible proof of ownership, placement of items, and their appearance and condition within a home for insurance claims.

Yet even with photographs and videotapes there are still issues. For instance, many owners store their lists of items and photographs inside the house, such as under a bed. Obviously, this is a problem if, say, the house burns down. Further, a video of a comprehensive home inventory will be a very large file to digitally store, as well as time-consuming if one needs to wade through possibly hours of tape to try and locate or verify one particular item. Proper off-site physical storage of an inventory might be a safe deposit box, which is generally more secure but inconvenient to access when having to add to the inventory or make changes of any kind.

The latest technological innovations in the home inventory business have fostered a revolution through the addition of high-resolution and 360º imaging, software that organizes, labels and allows for notating all items with ease, and secure, easily accessed, online (and offsite) storage.


High-Resolution 3D Imaging

Taking photographs or video of your home with your smartphone is a tempting and noble do-it-yourself project, although the quality and likely completion of that undertaking is minimal at best. A full and proper home inventory takes time, the right equipment and expertise. Photographs may not be as precise nor as detailed as you need—and there will be a lot of them. So most of these projects end shortly after they begin, once the entirety of the project and necessary time commitment becomes clear. With the advent of 360 degree imaging, a virtual tour of the home is now possible, allowing for a virtual walkthrough of your home where every item you own can be seen in place as it exists in real life. This ability to see everything inside the home as it sits allows a homeowner to present an accurate presentation of fixtures, appliances, and materials, along with all the personal possessions one owns, as proof for insurance claims or other extended purposes.  


Inventory Organizing and Annotating Software

Another technological development reshaping the home inventory business is the introduction of software specifically designed to help easily catalog and annotate household items with far more speed and accuracy than a simple list. With online software, you can now quickly capture all contents digitally, and identify, label and annotate each item. You can upload receipts and certificates, assign serial numbers, and otherwise organize, view and search your stuff by property, category, room by room or however you like. Coupled with advanced imaging techniques such as 360 degree virtual walkthroughs, home inventory software and its interactivity for customers can serve as a powerful tool in the arsenal of the home inventory professional, giving clients peace of mind.


Secure and Easily Access Offsite Storage

Modern home inventories are now all stored securely on dedicated servers, so no more safe deposit boxes or shoe boxes of photos stored under the bed. Everything is completely safe from disaster and prying eyes. With access to a private customer portal, there is 24/7 access to view, add or make changes to items whenever you please.

The best technology is not there to dazzle but to provide solutions and practical tools toward helping users achieve certain goals easier or more efficiently. There are revolutionary changes taking place in the home inventory business, and professional home inventory services companies such as TakeStock Inventory are at the forefront of bringing these changes to responsible homeowners. while providing the most comprehensive and secure visual home inventory service available using their proprietary TakeStock360° software.

TakeStock Inventory stands ready to assist you and your clients with protecting their valuable assets. Contact us at 844-9-CYA-NOW (844-929-2669) or complete our contact form to request a free consultation.


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