Learn how TakeStock360° Prepares, Protects and Preserves your Assets

Learn how TakeStock360° Prepares, Protects and Preserves your Assets

TakeStock Inventory service boasts a unique technological approach to the task of documenting your assets. It’s called TakeStock360°.

TakeStock360° Creates a Seamless Panorama of Your Home

TakeStock360° deploys special cameras and TakeStock’s proprietary technology to create a 360-degree walkthrough of the inside of your home. This photographic technique captures all of your household items in all their original locations, then uses software to create a virtual reality panorama that allows you to do a “walkthrough” of your rooms and “look around” in all directions. This fascinating technique provides exact visual proof of the locations and appearance of all of your home’s assets, assisting with everything from insurance claims, estate planning, divorce proceedings, and more.

Storage, Tagging and Sharing Your Documented Items with TakeStock360°

Once the TakeStock software has uploaded your home’s interior images to their secure web “vault,” you can securely log into the online client portal to virtually tour your home and contents anytime you like. You can not only view but also interact with the images of your items in the virtual walkthrough, annotating and tagging them for later reference. You can also take advantage of TakeStock360°’s powerful sharing features, sharing just one item, one room, or even your entire virtual home tour and complete inventory with family, friends, your interior designer or contractor, insurance adjuster and so on.

TakeStock 360° Gives You the Edge

TakeStock will send 1-2 inventory experts to visit your home with the recording equipment. They can answer any questions you may have about how any aspect of the TakeStock360° service works and lend a personal and professional touch to the proceedings.

TakeStock360° Plus Takes You to the Next Level

While TakeStock360° is a great overview of your home and its visible objects out in the open in each room, you can choose to go one better and delve inside drawers and cabinets to scope out and document individual items. With this higher level of documentation, you can record collections of items such as china, sports memorabilia, and so on. You can even head up into the attic or storage rooms to record the items stored there–the sky’s the limit!

TakeStock360° Offers Peace of Mind

Good, professional documentation of your assets allows you to be certain that you have prepared adequately for the future. TakeStock360° protects and preserves your assets by recording them in situ so that there is incontrovertible evidence that you can use in the event of an insurance claim or other situation which requires documentation of your tangible assets.

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