How Our Home Inventory Process is Different

When Life Happens, You Need to Know What You Own

TakeStock Inventory DashboardInstantly recall and account for everything with a personalized home inventory from TakeStock.

After a flood, fire, theft or other disaster, most people can only recall around half of their home’s contents, forcing them to rely on memory alone when dealing with their insurance company. Not good.

A home inventory from TakeStock provides a visual, permanent record of your home and belongings, making certain you can’t forget what you own when it comes time to remember. Rather, you’ll be able to instantly prove your losses, with less hassle, quicker claims and maximum reimbursement.

Our proprietary, cutting-edge 3D imaging technology ensures nothing you own is overlooked or forgotten. View and interact with your belongings 24/7 from your own online account dashboard. Select, notate, memorialize and assign items as you wish. Your entire home’s contents are stored conveniently and safely utilizing state of the art online security.

Our team of home inventory professionals stands ready to provide every responsible homeowner access to this invaluable service and vital tool. Peace of mind is only a click away.

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What sets TakeStock Inventory apart:

  • 360° imaging provides a virtual tour of your home and contents
  • Interactive online tools to view, select and personalize your belongings
  • Easy-to-use, private online account with 24/7 access
  • Inventories are fully customizable to your needs with 360ºPlus
  • State of the art secured storage with dedicated servers

How do I get started?

  1. Click the button on this page to learn more or schedule an appointment
  2. Most home inventories take just an hour or two on-site
  3. Upon completion, you will receive a link to your own online account
  4. Virtually walk through your home; select and interact with individual items
  5. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a visual record of everything you own!