Service vs. App

Professional Home Inventory Services vs. DIY App

Performing a proper home inventory is a daunting task. Let the experts at TakeStock do it for you, and do it right.

A comprehensive home inventory is an involved, time-consuming challenge for the uninitiated. While you can certainly do it yourself using a home inventory app, studies show that nearly half of all DIY projects are started but never completed. Just wait until you get to the garage! The task of identifying, documenting, categorizing and imaging your personal assets is simply a tedious undertaking, and completing one successfully takes commitment, planning and expertise.

Time Savings

The average U.S. home contains over 300,000 items. The reason most people don’t already have a home inventory is due to the considerable amount of time necessary to fully document everything inside a home. TakeStock tackles this project from start to finish, allowing you the time to do something else (you might actually enjoy).

Time and efforts aside, many DIY home inventory apps simply fall short of what a trained professional can cover—and uncover—while on-site in order to get a true and complete understanding of your possessions. And none offer 360º coverage of your home.


It takes a certain expertise to create the type of home inventory your insurance company will be expecting in case of a claim. And, depending on the state in which you live, simply providing a list of items may not be enough to receive full compensation in a loss.

Valuation Services

Unlike a DIY home inventory app, a professional home inventory company like TakeStock provides the option of establishing and recording the value of key and unique items within a home, such as art, family heirlooms, antiques, and collections. This can include estimated values, or certified appraisals on site. By taking the extra step of valuing and/or appraising items, you will get to know the market value of what you own.

The bottom line is, a do-it-yourself home inventory is just plain difficult. TakeStock, the professional home inventory experts, make the cataloguing all of your personal belongings simple, accurate and effortless, ensuring a complete and much more thorough result. Plus, with TakeStock, you receive a full, 360º tour of your home and contents, offering many extended benefits.

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