How a Professional Home Inventory Reduces Cost, Time and Stress

How a Professional Home Inventory Reduces Cost, Time and Stress

Whether you’re faced with an unwanted situation, such as a flood or divorce proceedings, or simply trying to plan for an uncertain future, a professional home inventory of your household items can reduce your overall costs, time and stress. Though it may be tempting to try to do it yourself, this is not recommended, as generally speaking, you will find that you have spent more in both time and money and increased your stress levels.

Check out these reasons why turning to the professionals and leaving this complex and difficult task in their hands is the direction you want to head:

Cost Savings

Many people don’t realize until it’s too late that after a fire, flood, theft or other loss, your insurance company does not have to pay your claim based just on what you tell them. They will take your accounts into consideration but will make their own assessment. If you can supply them a professional home inventory, then you have ironclad proof of the existence of any lost household items. Insurance providers recommend getting a pro home inventory so that you can definitively prove ownership of your belongings when making a claim. This protects you, as well as the insurance company.

Another way a professional home inventory can save you money by connecting you with appraisal services. A pro home inventory company should be able to offer you the option of establishing estimated values for key items within your home. These appraisals might encompass assigning an actual certified value to paintings, family heirlooms, antiques, valuable collections and other assets via a professional appraisal company. This could also involve assigning an estimated value for items based on their make, model, receipts, or the view of the homeowner. By taking the extra step of valuing items you will not only get to know the real market value of all that you own, but you’ll reduce your monetary expenses considerably since you’ll more likely be reimbursed by the insurance company for their true worth.

Time Savings

Your home probably contains far more household items which need to be documented than you realized. After all, the average U.S. home contains over 300,000 items! In fact, this one fact alone is likely the main reason why most people have never conducted a full home inventory. It takes an inordinate amount of time to fully record every single item inside the average home. When you hire a professional home inventory service, you’ll not only save a significant amount of time, but you’ll be able to dedicate that saved time to other activities which require your attention.

Stress Reduction

Have you ever found yourself worrying if you’re meeting your state’s insurance requirements for the way your household items are documented? Documenting personal property is especially critical for homeowners in many states. Insurance companies in some states may require not only a list of items but descriptions, receipts, images and other proof of ownership to ensure full compensation in a claim. A professional home inventory should include a comprehensive written and/or digital report that simply needs updating on a regular basis, such as once a year.

Another way to reduce your stress is increasing the security of your home item documentation. Any reputable home inventory professional will be able to provide you with secure offsite storage of the information related to your home inventory. Knowing this part of your home inventory is taken care of forever will give you peace of mind in case of an unexpected event.

As part and parcel of having your home inventory stored digitally and available over the Internet, your home inventory should be available whenever you need it. Safe and easy access to your information is paramount. After all, you will likely use it for more than just ensuring you have enough insurance coverage or when making a claim. Keep in mind that a professional home inventory is also incredibly useful for estate and financial planning, family law, tax planning, moving and more.

Why would you hesitate to reduce your cost, time and stress? TakeStock Inventory stands ready to assist you with protecting your valuable assets. Contact us at 844-9-CYA-NOW (844-929-2669) or complete our contact form to request a free consultation. 


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