Why a Professional Home Inventory is the Best Way to Document and Protect Your Assets

Why a Professional Home Inventory is the Best Way to Document and Protect Your Assets

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Few of us like dwelling on what might happen to the things we own. Whether it’s because of an unforeseen disaster such as a flood or a natural transition of life experience, such as a move, we don’t want to think about having to document all the things we own. That’s where a professional home inventory service like TakeStock Inventory can step in and help.

But why should you hire a company to document everything you own?

You Can’t Recover What You Can’t Recall

Remember this rule of thumb: Insurance companies generally won’t cover what you can’t prove you own. This sounds harsh, but it’s a fact of the industry. The best way to be sure that all your items will be replaced at full value in the event of a disaster such as a fire or a robbery is to make sure that every single thing you own is fully documented.

Get Your Claims Resolved Faster

Not only can you easily prove that you own an item by having photographic documentation, but insurance companies are likely to respond much quicker with payment of claims if they can see this kind of evidence, as opposed to vague written descriptions of items.  

Organized and Safe Forever

Here’s a good question–what do you do with your itemized list that you painstakingly made of all your household items? Where do you store it? If it’s on paper, you might store it in a safe deposit box. Or perhaps put it on a disk or even post it out there on the Internet. All of which can take a lot of time to retrieve or update and might not be as secure as you would like. A good professional home inventory service can upload all your data to their own secure website which you can access 24/7 and update anytime. They do all the work so you can reap the benefits.

Document Your Belongings for Estate Assignments

It’s not an easy thing to plan ahead for your own passing. But the alternatives are far worse: uncertainty about the bequests for your heirs can lead to chaos or even worse, arguments about your wishes regarding certain items. A professional home inventory can clearly document each item, allowing you to tag each meaningful object for specific heirs and give you peace of mind.

Documenting and protecting your belongings can be a tedious and complicated job if you do it yourself. A professional home inventory may just be the answer you’re looking for. TakeStock Inventory is a leading professional home inventory company which closely documents all your assets using advanced photographic technology, storing your digital inventory in their high-security online vault for your easy access anytime you want.

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