COVER YOUR ASSETS: Why You Need a 360º Home Inventory for Insurance

Because you can’t recover what you can’t recall. 



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During the stressful aftermath of a catastrophe, it’s virtually impossible to remember everything you own. In fact, most people are only able to recall half of their home’s contents.

For years, experts have recommended homeowners create any semblance of a home inventory list. But that takes a lot of time and effort, and why less than 40% of homeowners have one.

Today, TakeStock offers an easy and affordable way to obtain visual, highly-detailed, and irrefutable proof of what you own for any insurance claims adjuster should the unexpected happen. Here’s how we can help:

  • Prove It, In Advance—Your insurance firm will ask you to prove ownership for each and every item you claim was destroyed or stolen. But an adjuster does not have to reimburse you based simply on what you tell her. A TakeStock360º home inventory provides the only visual proof you may have of valuable—oftentimes priceless—possessions, plus the practical, everyday items.
  • Faster Reimbursement of Claims—Homeowners who have a home inventory receive claim payments much faster.* Being able to visually substantiate losses instantly streamlines the process toward ensuring full reimbursement.
  • Right-Sizing Your Insurance Policy—A home inventory helps you validate the scope and scale of your insurance coverage by aligning it with what you actually own—not just what your insurance company recommends (or requires).
  • Home Relocation Protection— Even with the best professional movers, some loss or damage is usually sustained in transit. A comprehensive home inventory including asset values can be key in resolving these disputes.

*Insurance Journal magazine found that nearly 80% of insurance professionals believe homeowners’ insurance claims are processed 50-100% faster when customers have completed a home asset inventory in advance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late—CYA, today! Be prepared for the unexpected, prove what you own and recover faster.

Contact TakeStock, the personal property inventory experts, to schedule a free consultation.

“Having all of our home furnishing and valuables cataloged and ready to submit to our insurance company makes us feel settled. In the event of any loss, there will not be any negotiation around what was there.” — J. Hallam, Dallas, TX