Financial/Estate Planning

Our Home Inventory Services Are Changing the Financial and Estate Planning Process

Smart planning begins with protecting and preserving what you own.

A death in the family can bring unexpected hardship to surviving family members. It can also present a set of challenges to the executor of the estate, as it involves the equitable distribution of what is often a precious mix of family treasures, valuable objects and household items. These personal possessions hold not only a significant dollar value, but sentimental value, as well.

A TakeStock360º home inventory reduces conflict, uncertainty and other burdens related to estate distributions by providing a visual accounting of a decedent’s physical property. This helps simplify the process of establishing values and proper heir assignment.

For Today
TakeStock services include an online 360º tour of your home, as well as capturing images of everything from special pieces and collections, to every item in the house! You can later view, select and notate items within this “personal catalog,” and even upload videos to items for family heritage purposes and/or to further authenticate your wishes. And remote online access allows participation by executors and family members who may not be located in the same city as the estate, and/or may not be able to physically travel to it.

For Probate
Whether or not an estate already includes a TakeStock home inventory, our methods and system can assist executors and family members throughout the process of the distribution of personal assets. Utilizing TakeStock’s online client portal, individual items can be identified, personalized and tagged according to executor decisions for them to be dispersed and/or assigned.

For Future Generations
Later in life, many of us discover the house in which we grew up no longer exists; it’s been remodeled or even torn down. Or, perhaps we simply no longer live in the same town. A TakeStock360° inventory visually captures a home and its contents at a specific moment in time. Now, future generations will be able to virtually walk through the family home in which they, their parents, or their grandparents grew up. Forever.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Preserve your legacy today and alleviate future burdens tomorrow with a permanent, visual record of your family home and personal treasures.

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Around Christmas time, my mother was thinking about the future. She wanted to ensure that the family’s heritage was passed down after her time. With TakeStock, Mom could see her “life of things” all in one place, and individually select each precious item she wished to donate or leave to one of her (nine!) grandchildren. She could even comment on a particular item’s history and importance—it’s amazing!” L. Lucia, Austin TX