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Inventory Services for Divorce/Family Law 

Gain the advantage in protecting what’s yours with an unbiased, visual inventory of marital property.

The fair division of property is a fundamental part of the divorce process. Belongings accumulated over years of marriage must be identified and assigned, making it one of the most difficult and emotional tasks. TakeStock’s home inventory service, including our TakeStock360° experience, simplifies and streamlines the division of property during divorce, providing the documentation you and your attorney need to protect your assets, saving time (and money) in the process.

First things first

Once the decision to file for divorce is made, a comprehensive home inventory should be the first item on your must-do list. It is important to “lock down” the contents within the marital home, and a visual accounting early on in the process avoids any future “surprises.” It also greatly reduces the time, cost and stress that comes with validating community assets and separate property.

A TakeStock inventory helps both parties ideally reach a better, and more economical outcome, faster:

  • Allow both parties to view items privately and separately online – TakeStock’s software allows each spouse access to a virtual tour of the home and item image catalog where they are able to view, reference and notate marital property they wish to claim or contest. This unique feature reduces emotion and contentiousness during a difficult process.
  • Provide estimated values for each item – Online organizational tools help facilitate establishing values for items, including professional valuation and appraisal.
  • Mutually-desired items cross referenced in a final list – Different reports for an attorney or judge can be generated indicating claims related to pre-marital or mutual ownership, disputes, items agreed to between parties, etc. This is much more convenient, precise—and oftentimes, civil—than old fashioned methods.
  • Verify the location of each item – TakeStock can capture line-of-sight and individual images to verify the location and condition of items, ensuring you know what and where everything important is within your home.
  • Provide third-party experts – TakeStock’s bonded and insured professionals are outside the divorce proceedings, performing the service when and where neither divorcing party is required to be present.

The earlier a professional is engaged to perform your home inventory, the better the protection in property settlement proceedings.

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“TakeStock has provided a great service for dividing my client’s sole and separate property assets. The third-party, unbiased approach not only saved time and money, but also provided accurate documentation to settle disputes.” T. Evans, Family Law Attorney, Dallas, TX