Benefits of a Home Inventory

Benefits of a Home Inventory

Protect your household assets with visual proof and a detailed master list created by a professional residential inventory company

What is a Home Inventory?
A conventional home inventory is simply a written list of personal property used to substantiate losses after a home disaster. Supporting documents such as photographs, receipts and certificates, if available, may be added. Everything is typically stored and maintained in a box or folder (preferably offsite).

What is a TakeStock Home Inventory?
TakeStock has developed methods and proprietary technology that makes home inventories effortless, as well as much more comprehensive and useful. Using specialized cameras and software, we capture visual proof of ownership (including location and condition) of your possessions, while making it easy to document and detail each item online in your own, secured account. There, clients can experience a 360º virtual tour of their home while viewing, selecting and notating individual items. They can add descriptions, estimated values, purchase dates, receipts, certificates, serial numbers, and other relevant information to any object. Now, everything owned can be accounted for and accessible in one place, safely secured off-site.

For Insurance—Help right-size your homeowner policy and determine overall value of your home and its contents—an absolute necessity should your home be burglarized or damaged/destroyed by fire or flood. LEARN MORE »

For Financial/Estate Planning—Create a basis in determining value, insurance scheduling, tax liability and bona fide heir assignment for estate planning purposes. LEARN MORE »

For Divorce/Family Law—Provide objective verification of marital assets by a third-party expert for divorce property settlements and pre-nuptial agreements. LEARN MORE »

The task of properly identifying, documenting, categorizing and imaging your personal property is not an easy one. TakeStock specializes in inventory services and only inventory services. Leave it to the professionals to make it easy, and get it done.  LEARN WHY »