Why TakeStock?

It’s Insurance For Your Insurance

For homeowners, a detailed, up-to-date home inventory of everything you own is an absolute necessity should your home be burglarized, or damaged/destroyed by fire or flood. This may be the only proof you have for your valuable—oftentimes priceless—possessions.

A home inventory by TakeStock not only makes it possible to evaluate the appropriate amount of insurance coverage, but reduces processing time for claims while maximizing recovery and reimbursement. We work directly with your provider to ensure quick transfer and validation of your possessions so you can focus on getting your life back to normal.

The task of identifying, documenting, categorizing and imaging your personal assets is a tedious, time-consuming process. And your time is too valuable to attempt it yourself.

TakeStock makes it as simple as a phone call, so call us today!

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Financial and Estate Planning

family heirlooms and antiques for a home inventory
A TakeStock home inventory creates a basis in determining value, insurance scheduling, tax liability, and bona fide heir assignment for estate planning purposes. Preserve your legacy while helping to alleviate future burdens by creating a permanent record of your family heirlooms, collectibles, personal treasures and other valuables.

“Around Christmas time, my mother was thinking about the future. She wanted to ensure that the family’s heritage was passed down after her time. With TakeStock, Mom could see her “life of things” all in one place, and individually select each precious item she wished to donate, or leave to one of her (nine!) grandchildren. She could even comment on a particular item’s history and importance—it’s amazing!” —L. Lucia, Homeowner, Austin TX

Family Law

family law related documentation for home inventory
At the onset of divorce, a comprehensive home inventory should be the first item on your “must do” list. It provides an up front, objective verification of marital assets—facts you need to protect your personal property and get what you deserve during this life-changing event. By reducing time spent identifying, validating and arguing over property, a home inventory from TakeStock economically helps both parties ideally reach a fairer, quicker settlement.

“TakeStock has provided a great service for dividing my client’s sole and separate property assets. The third-party, unbiased approach not only saved time and money, but also provided accurate documentation to settle disputes.” —T.C. Evans, Family Law Attorney, Dallas, TX

Peace of Mind

Home inventory in case of fire or flood
During the stressful aftermath of a catastrophe, it’s virtually impossible to try and recall everything you owned. A comprehensive list of all your items—pictured in-place inside your home—is the only way to ensure that you receive full value from your insurance company. Not just the big stuff, but the things so easily overlooked in closets, drawers, cabinets… It all adds up to significant dollars lost. Being prepared for the unexpected with a home inventory can bring you greater peace of mind.

“Having all of our home furnishing and valuables cataloged and ready to submit to our insurance company makes Rebecca and I feel settled. In the event of any loss, there will not be any negotiation around what was there.”—J.R. Hallam, Business Owner, Dallas, TX

  • "Our family went through hurricane Katrina and sustained major losses. TakeStock was the perfect solution for providing a catalog of all of our belongings."
    L. KitzingerNew Orleans, LA
  • "I highly recommend a detailed home inventory to anyone who has jewelry, antiques, silver, etc.  Having this vital information provided by TakeStock was instrumental in recovering our $70,000 burglary loss."
    R. AndresDallas, TX
  • Just want to rave about TakeStock…I had a home inventory by TakeStock and it is a great feeling knowing my possessions were documented and stored.  TakeStock passed the inventory information on to my insurance company allowing for even greater  'Peace of Mind.'  It is comforting for my family to know I had this information safe and secure especially in light of a recent home burglary we experienced.  Thank you, TakeStock!
    Terri Sue WensingerDallas, TX